Announcement of raised from Angel Investors and Participates in Silicon Valley Acceleration Program

Announcement of raised from Angel Investors and Participates in Silicon Valley Acceleration Program

Automation of incoming and outgoing call center operations for large-scale call centers through multilingual AI telephone.

Today we have announced that we has raised funds through the Japanese KISS(Keep It Simple Security) to multiple angel investors.

We are also participating in the Founder Institute Acceleration Program, one of the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerators from Silicon Valley, which started on October 11, 2022.

What is DELIGHT Assistant
DELIGHT Assistant is a B2B SaaS for high volume call centers that delivers both user satisfaction and significant cost reductions

  • Zero call waiting time
  • Realize a call center that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at a low cost.
  • Change the workflow based on customer attributes (e.g., for economy class and business class customers, etc.)
  • More automation is achieved by integrating with other systems to reduce manpower and ensure stable operation even in the event of a disaster.
  • Capable of handling 30 languages and acquiring phone numbers in 50 countries.

Background and Purpose of Funding
The call center market is expected to reach approximately $500 billion by 2027 (*Source 1 ) due to growing needs worldwide. In Japan, the market will continue to face difficult conditions due to the chronic difficulty in hiring call center staff, the shortage of human resources, and the difficulty in establishing offshore call centers staffed by non-native Japanese, which will be compounded by the declining birthrate and aging population.

DELIGHT Assistant was launched in April 2020 and has been used by about 30 foreign government agencies (in Europe), local governments, and companies. This funding will be used to advance PMF (Product Market Fit) and further promote the business.

Comment from the investor
Mr. Masato BITO
(Former CTO of Uno/former CTO of UUUM/former CTO of Repro and currently PM of Open Logistics, several technical advisors, and Junior PM of MITO)
Mr. ANNO, the representative of DELIGHT, has always been good at using tools to improve efficiency, and DELIGHT Assistant is also using various tools to provide services efficiently. The key to expanding services is how well the system scales, and I felt that DELIGHT  Assistant is a system that can withstand such business expansion. He is already working on global expansion, and we expect great things from the system in the future.

Hiroto Ebata
(MBA graduate of Stanford University, USA. After retiring from ITOCHU Corporation, he founded an IT venture company and served as Vice President at Coca-Cola Japan, Executive Officer at Microsoft Japan, Executive Officer and CMO at IMJ, Executive Officer and General Manager of Media Division at DeNA, and Vice President at MERY. Currently, he is committed to DX and CDO sharing and next-generation digital human resource development for various companies.)
Mr. ANNO is my junior at ITOCHU, and he supported my ventures and Coca-Cola days in terms of technology. As a global service, I hope to make a small contribution in the future regarding improvements and announcements.

Kenichi Ozaki
(Founder of "Beccoame Internet," the first personal Internet provider in Japan, and currently President of Dambonet Systems, Inc.)
I have worked with Mr. ANNO on several projects and have some understanding of his skills and personality. As a venture manager myself, I am pleased to participate in this project in order to support the success of the project.

About Founder Institute (
Founded in Silicon Valley in 2009, the Founder Institute is a global accelerator that helps entrepreneurs launch global startups, helping more than 6,000 companies launch in over 200 cities in 95 countries and building a global mentor network of more than 25,000 people. mentor network of more than 25,000 people. Its alumni include Udemy, a NASDAQ-listed company.

Comment from Hiroyuki ANNO, CEO  
I feel that multilingual AI telephony, a B2B SaaS business, is a highly needed service worldwide. In order to accelerate this business, we decided that our own funds and past experience would not be sufficient, so we chose to raise funds from external sources and decided to run for EXIT. Since our company is globally oriented, we have been talking with angel investors around the world since February with a very careful and clear policy. As a result, we are deeply grateful for the support we received from Mr. Bito, Mr. Ebata, and Mr. Ozaki, respected entrepreneurs and angel investors who have paved the way for our era in this round.

We are also participating in the Founder Institute's accelerator program, "Growth Track," which supports further growth. I have heard that it is a challenging program with a 40% graduation rate, but I am up for the challenge. We look forward to continuing to help solve the world's telephone answering challenges. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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