Kokyo Marathon(Imperial Palace Marathon)

Enjoy Run Around  for Kokyo Marathon(Imperial Palace)

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Kokyo(Imperial Palace) is located in center of Tokyo and famous for  natural beauty like trees, birds and silence. Our event is frequently organized to check conditions every month or welcome tourist runners from other city in Japan or abroad.

Runners can start race after start time  when they like because of chip timing(Net timing). But Timing service finish at 12:00 pm for mornong race. And at 17:00 at in after noon race.
There is some other running event around Kokyo but we are probably first to provide chip timing service because of strict security rule around Kokyo.

About Race, we are providing overall place, Place by gender and age group every five years old.

Our finisher certificate is available only online as follows. No paper certificate.





From registration to finish

1. Entry on web site.
2. Receive race pack at start.
3. You can start race after 9:00 when you like. Be noted chip timing service finish at 12:00/
4. Run race course 4 lap(1 lap 5km).
5. Chip timing service finish at 12:00. It is race time limit.

There is no award ceremony.
Finisher Mug cap would be send by mail in two weeks.

Chip Timing

日本陸連Our chip timing equipment is by mylaps.
It is authorized by Japan athletic association also.

Mylaps tming chip  is world famous and used at major big event like  Rotterdam, Honolulu, Chicago and Hong Kong marathon and others.

Chip is disposable and no need to return.

 ■Past Result


Finisher Certificate/Award ceremony

Our finisher certificate is online. It is integrated with facebook.
Also if runners cheese "Mug Cup" option when register, we would send mug cup in two weeks with your name and result as Souvenir.(Mug cup design might be changed). 

There is no award based on place but when we get sponsor, we would think about.

Sample Online Finisher certificate

Changing room / Baggage storage

Please use runners station.

Meet Up

Planning. Announced when ready.

Please contact us know by email(kokyo-marathon@shiai.tv).
Any proposal is welcome.

Kokyo MarathonOrganizing comittee
Resona Kudan Building 5F KSfloor, 1-5-6 Kudan-minami,Chiyoda-ku,
c/o DELIGHT Corporation