The challenges and solutions for marathon/bike events

Management Issues

  • Many local government-sponsored competitions are in the red.
  • There are no good experts who can help with the secretariat's desire to return the event to profitability or to revitalize the event by capturing inbound demand. 
  • I feel that travel agencies that focus on sending people to approach the elderly do not understand the behavioral characteristics of people who are willing to pay a lot of money to run.
  • The organizers of conventions that have been held over 40 years are aging who are not good at recent advanced technology, and the succession of management know-how and generational change is not going well.
  • Need consultation on whether new technologies such as AI and IoT are actually useful.
  • The cost of recruitment and cost for finisher's result chip timing  is too high. 
  • There is demands to increase the number of foreign participants, but we do not know how to do it.

Operational issues

  • Due to the new corona, we would like to check the body temperature of a large number of people, but we have no equipment.
  • It is troubling that there is a long queue for the distribution of bibs and printing of finishers' certificates at venue.
  • The staff is getting older. Can we operate with a smaller number of staff efficiently?

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